The call of the Road

“As we turn every corner of the Narrow Road to the Deep North, we sometimes stand up unawares to applaud and we sometimes fall flat to resist the agonizing pains we feel in the depths of our hearts.  There are also times when we feel like taking to the roads ourselves, seizing the raincoat lying near by, or times when we feel like sitting down till our legs take root, enjoying the scene we picture before our eyes.”  –  Soruyo

This week’s prompt is to use Soruyo’s words as inspiration for a haiku, tanka, haibun or haiga.   Please post a link to your work in the comments thread here or create a Pingback by copying and pasting the URL for this post into your response.   Thank you.   I hope you enjoy the challenge – Suzanne


13 thoughts on “The call of the Road

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