The journey begins


From the moment I started thinking about this site I’ve been remembering songs and poems about roads and travelling.

To get the ball rolling on the prompts I’ll start with the first one that popped into my mind – a line from an old Irish blessing – May the road rise up to meet you.

Please post a link to your response in the comment thread below so that others can find your post.  Thanks.

Country road - western Ireland

Country road – western Ireland

Here’s a link to my own response to the prompt   🙂


34 thoughts on “The journey begins

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  2. Hi Suzanne: Thank you for the lovely prompt. My post and pingback is coming out in less than 9 hours from now. I wrote a haiku wish or blessing and then I wrote a tanka. I realized afterwards that you hadn’t listed tanka in your statement of scope. So if you prefer that we stick to haiku based forms for this event I would be glad to do so in the future. I hope other people join in 🙂

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    • Thanks so much. I really looking forward to reading your response. It’s funny you said that about tanka. I woke up this morning realising I hadn’t included that form. It’s simply because I’m not very good at it 🙂 I must go back and add it and write some basic notes so I can learn how to write them – the site is teaching me as much as anything else. I’ve got a few followers already and will promote the site more over the weekend. I really hope it takes off. Thanks again for being the first to give it a go.

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      • I went to your site and saw your poem. I really enjoyed it. It made me want to take to the open road. I’m having trouble making the pingbacks show up. A weird problem – usually they are annoyingly present but then when you want they are nowhere to be seen. I’ll keep trying to fix the problem.

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  6. aloha Suzanne and all. i like your thinking. if you want to accept all the haiku related forms you can use the category “Haiku and Related Forms”. that is a category that includes everything as i understand it.

    in fact I’m about to open a Haiku and Related Forms group in a meditation community i am part of to help people learn about haiku etc. i had been saying Haiku and Haiku and Related Forms. however i think that may be redundant. unfortunately this community does not have the capacity to show images. which of course prohibits many areas i like to work in.

    i have not been adding to my blog recently. altho i’d like to get back to it. your prompts may move me in that direction. cool on that. how often do you think you’ll give prompts? and how long will the prompt be open to accept contributions?

    cool on your effort. and yay on it taking off. aloha. rick


    • Hi Rick, I’m definitely learning as I go here. I might change the wording to how you suggest when more people are familiar with the site. I will be posting prompts once a week. They will be up by Friday evening Australian time. Here’s the link to the next one
      Your meditation and haiku group sounds very interesting. I wish you success with it. I hope you feel inspired to create haiga in response to my prompts. I really enjoy your work. It often gives me a lift.
      All the best – Suzanne

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    • Thanks so much for contributing Brenda. I’m still trying to figure out how to make the pingbacks show up automatically. I’m learning on the job here so I really appreciate you adding you link in the comment thread.

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      • No worries. I saw my pingback listed in your comments, so I knew it was showing up. Another possibility is link-up softwares like Mr. Linky or inlinkz. They’re more effort up front, but less effort the day of the link-up. Also, it organized things nicely on one page. The PF crowd does a link-up every Friday, and each person does it a different way. Some ways work with WP and some don’t. I’ve gotten inlinkz to work when I hosted PF.


      • Thanks Brenda. Yes creating a link up is the next step. It’s one of those things I think of at 3am then forget when I actually get up. I will get on to it over the next few days. Thanks for the link to your site. Reading poetry is really stimulating me at present. I’ll pay a visit. 🙂

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      • I find my days more peaceful and fun when I include a little poetry. I added the link so you could see a post where the link up I hosted was. You click on the blue box in the post, and it takes you to a page where all the links are gathered.


      • Hi again, just letting you know I think I will stick with pingbacks at present. I tried to track down Mr Linky and inLinkz. I could only find forums that said Mr Linky wasn’t supported on or an inLinkz site that said I could get a free trial but never explained for how long or just how it would eventually cost me. All too taxing for my poor addled brain – like you I’d rather write poetry. Please let me know if you have trouble posting a pingback in future. Hope your weekend is going well – Suzanne

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      • I joined inLinkz. I think it’s $3 per month, and then I didn’t want to pay that to use it twice a year. So I quit and now I rejoin when I need it. I think doing it with pingbacks is fine. Just tell everyone to link to the prompt post, and you’ll get ping backs. If they link to your site, and not the post, it may not connect properly. Not sure where those pings go.


      • I read prior comments before I chose a tanka. You seemed to indicate in your reply to Janice that this form was okay for your site. I think the extra two lines can complete a poetic idea nicely.

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      • Oh course tanka is ok. The prompts are meant as a catalyst for creative exploration. Once again this comment about tanka echoes things I was thinking earlier this morning. I will definitely create an about page on tanka over the next few days.

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    • I like that Jo – being driven by inner yearnings – that’s what it’s all about really. I’ll give you a WordPress lesson sometime when we both have a free 1/2 hour. 🙂


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