Prompt Schedule

We are all travelling some kind of road – the road of life – the road to the deep interior – the road to nowhere – the road to recovery – the road home …  Our journeys can be physical and/or metaphorical;  inner and outer.

On the Road prompts focus on various aspects of the journey.  Each week I post haiku written by the masters and one of my own photos or digital images as inspiration for haiku, tanka, haibun and haiga.

The prompts are offered as suggestions for your own creative explorations and there is no time limit on responses.     If an old prompt inspires you, feel free to respond to it.  Please post a link to your work in the comment section so that other people can find you work.   Thank you.   I hope you enjoy the prompts.

Each week I will publish a list of links to responses created during the week.   Taking the time to visit other blogs and see how they interpret the prompts is always inspiring and thought provoking.

You make like to tag your prompts   –    #ontheroadprompts   – so that others can find your posts in the WordPress Reader

cropped-picture.jpg You can add this logo to your posts if you want.


6 thoughts on “Prompt Schedule

  1. I love the idea of not having a cut off date. It is what I used to like about another blog I used to follow. Sometimes I get more time or inspiration and it is great to have that option. Please hang in there until folks get aware of the news. I will reblog to my two blogs.


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